Wednesday, 4 June 2014

No Woman Should Face This in Life

I recently heard about this blog that publishes stories of women who’ve faced tough phases in life only because they were women. That’s when I also decided to share my story with the world.

I’m Shivapriya, a victim of the tortures of the corporate world. Since I was a graduate, I didn’t want to waste my life in the four corners of the house. I searched and found a job as a Customer Care Executive with Airtel. I was happy to be a part of a nice team that was led by a lady boss. After a few months into the job, I got married and was happy with both my personal and professional life.

This is when things started changing. My boss decided to increase the targets to a level where it was difficult for me to achieve. When I was carrying, my doctor advised me bed rest for a few days. When I went and requested for two weeks’ leave, my TL first agreed to it. Later, she spoke with the higher management and decided that I would have to work from home. Since mine was a voice-based process, work-from-home was not possible.

Though I had other employees who were supportive, my TL made it difficult for me to survive in the company. My health got deteriorated. Owing to ill health, I had to take a day’s off from work. When I came back, what I heard was that my TL had complained against me stating that a client had complained against me, which I later came to know was a cooked-up lie. All these pressures led to my miscarriage.

This was beyond what I could bear. I decided to quit my job, the corporate world was not for me. I’m a mother now, but I still dread the corporate culture and the mention of office still makes me shudder!        

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