Saturday, 17 May 2014


By Karthika

I was inspired to share this story after reading an earlier post on this blog about female bosses... In my experience, contrary to what we expect, when it comes to women's problems, it is the female bosses who often have difficulty in believing us. One would think they would be able to identify with us and help us.

In 2010, for a few months I worked in a firm owned by a couple, both of whom were architects. There were four of us working under them; of which three were girls. All three had difficulty during our time of the month, it was especially worst on the first day. Most of the times, we had to take leave and rest at home on that day. However, we all were very supportive of each other; if one was on leave, she would update the others so that work will not be affected.

One day, the lady boss, who is a mother of two, called all three of us to her cabin and accused us of pretending to have cramps just to take leave. We could not believe it - that she would think we were lying to escape work. The incident left us very irritated and angry.

We assume that a woman can understand and support another, especially in matters that only a woman would know. When this lady began to doubt us in something like this, it was difficult to respect her. I quit that firm after seven or eight months of working there.

After that incident, I made up my mind that I will not work for a woman boss again - for one thing, most men do not go into the details, and for another, if he doesn't understand or doesn't support, or even if he accuses us of lying, we would not feel so betrayed.

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